As the lead of a software engineers’ team, you will design, implement, and manage the Quantum Processors real-time supervision software. Running on main CPUs, the supervision software interfaces a set of hardware devices connected together in a local network architecture. At low level, the supervision software manages the generation and the monitoring of numerous I&O electronic signals in real-time. Dedicated electronics are developed in collaboration with the team of electronics engineers. At high level, the supervision software manages complex automation tasks combining execution of external job requests with self-recalibration of various internal parameters. The supervision software also provides the interface between the Quantum Processors and PASQAL hardware engineers, or external users.

As the lead software engineer, you will analyse the needs in terms of I/O management and automation management, and you will translate them into software requirements and propose technical solutions. Then, you will develop the software, you will implement it on Pasqal devices, and you will ensure support. You will also participate in writing software documentation and ensure a close relationship with the other internal technical services, as well as with external partners, subcontractors or clients.

Key responsibilities

  • Design the real-time supervision software (specifications and requirements, architecture)
  • Manage and supervise developing, testing, implementing and servicing


  • Engineering degree, or PhD degree in (firmware) software development
  • Expertise in C / Python (C++ / C# / .NET also appreciated)
  • Expertise in real-time hardware/software management
  • Expertise in network protocols
  • Familiar with version control management tools (Git)
  • Good knowledge about FPGAs, DDS, micro-controllers and digital/analog sequencers is deeply appreciated
  • 3-5 years’ experience in a similar job position

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