PASQAL designs and develops Quantum Processing Units and dedicated software tools. Our innovative processors address applications which are out of the reach of the most powerful existing supercomputers, encompassing real-world challenges as well as fundamental science. In addition to the outstanding computing power that they provide, QPUs are very energy efficient meaning that they will significantly contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the computing industry.

PASQAL has partnerships with key users in the fields of energy, IT, finance, drug and chemical design, automotive… The maturity and potential of our technology and the quality of our scientific team has been rewarded several times at French, European as well as global levels.

Our technology builds upon considerable knowledge accumulated over decades by the Institut d’Optique near Paris (IOGS / CNRS); it benefits from numerous recent achievements in laser cooling of atoms, opto-electronics, vacuum and detection systems… Based in Massy and Palaiseau, at the heart of the Paris-Saclay quantum ecosystem, PASQAL is funded by Quantonation, a VC fund focusing on Quantum Technologies, and is attracting world-class investors.

Joining PASQAL is an opportunity to actively contribute to the rapid development of a Deep-Tech startup at the forefront of the second Quantum Revolution. You will be directly involved in one of the greatest technological challenges ever, shaping the technology landscape of the 21st century. You will work among top-class engineers and scientists, competing against the world’s biggest players.

Laboratory Technician

Job description

You ensure a daily and reliable operation of the quantum processors the R&D departement 

Location: Massy – Palaiseau (Southern Paris area – France) 

Start date: position available now 

Type of contract: permanent contract 

As part of the research and development team, you will be involved in the development of the next generation of neutral atom quantum processors. The quantum processor environment is quite complex and involves a set of laser beams to trap, manipulate and detect the atoms and numerous electronic devices to control and monitor the processor. The overall stability of the components is essential to ensure a high repetition rate of the computational sequence (currently <1 Hz). 

As a lab technician, you will help establish the measurements, calibration, control and maintenance routines of complex optical and electronic systems, ensuring and improving the day-to-day operations of the quantum processors within the research and development team. Your tasks will include (but not be limited to) 

  • Routine calibration and maintenance of laboratory equipment (lasers, electronics, optical components). 
  • Monitor and record environmental conditions and instrument performance. 
  • Write and maintain technical documentation for the laboratory 
  • tracking consumables, materials or laboratory instruments and assessing replenishment needs.  

Depending on your experience and technical skills, as a laboratory technician you may also be responsible for specific projects concerning the installation, interfacing and operation of experimental optical or electronic subsystems as well as automate existing calibration and measurement procedures within the R&D department’s processors. 

This position is a job creation, to foster the growth of PASQAL’s activity. 

Qualification & experience

You hold a technician degree (Bac+2: BTS, DUT) and have a previous experience in an industrial or start-up environment. 


The successful candidate will have a strong taste for deep tech and new technologies. We are looking for someone who is genuinely enthusiastic about our technologies and the scientific challenge we face. A scientific curiosity for quantum information and atomic physics is a definite asset to work in our teams. 

Your main scientific and technical skills are in optics, lasers and electronics. Computer and hardware/software interfacing skills are also required.  

In this position, you will use your interpersonal skills and your ability to work in a team. 

Fluency in English is required for this position. 

Contact: send resume and application to, we will get back to you quickly

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