PASQAL designs and develops Quantum Processing Units and dedicated software tools. These innovative processors address applications which are out of the reach of the most powerful existing supercomputers, encompassing real-world challenges as well as fundamental science. As they are very low energy intensive, they will significantly contribute to reduce the carbon footprint of the computing industry.

PASQAL has partnerships with key users in the fields of energy, IT, finance, drug and chemical design, automotive… The maturity and potential of our technology and the quality of our scientific team has been rewarded several times at French, European as well as global levels.

Our technology builds upon considerable knowledge accumulated over decades by the Institut d’Optique near Paris (IOGS / CNRS); it makes the best of numerous recent achievements in laser cooling of atoms, opto-electronics, vacuum and detection systems. Based in Massy and Palaiseau, at the heart of the quantum ecosystem south of Paris, PASQAL is funded by Quantonation, a VC fund focusing on Quantum Technologies, and is attracting world-class investors. 

Joining PASQAL is an opportunity to contribute to the rapid development of a Deep-Tech startup at the forefront of the second Quantum Revolution. You will be directly involved in one of the greatest challenges ever, shaping the technology landscape of the 21st century. You will work among top-class engineers and scientists, competing against the world’s biggest players.

Integration Engineer – Control software

Job description

As an Integration Engineer of Control Software, you will join the team in charge of developing the software that controls PASQAL Processing Units (QPUs).

Running on main classical CPUs, this operating system interfaces a set of hardware devices connected together in a local network architecture. At low level, the operating system manages the generation and the monitoring of numerous I&O electronic signals in real-time; dedicated electronic modules are developed in collaboration with the team of electronics engineers. At high level, it manages complex automation tasks combining execution of external job requests and self-recalibration of various internal parameters. The operating system is the main entry point to the Quantum Processors, both for PASQAL engineers and for external users. It also enables PASQAL teams to integrate, operate and maintain the QPUs.

Your key missions will include:

  • Building continuous integration environment to ensure smooth development flow, and optimal quality before deploying to client or production QPUs.
  • Integrating software with the other layers of PASQAL’s full software stack (user interfaces, cloud services, quantum libraries).
  • Implementing tools to support and optimize the deployment, configuration and upgrade of software on QPUs.
  • Developing software components and features, such as database access, scheduling, APIs…
  • Providing support to internal users from other departments.
  • Benchmarking software performance to identify and propose improvements.
  • Proposing solutions and prototyping them to solve technical challenges.
  • Having an inventive activity in the scientific and technical fields related to the Company’s research, products, technologies and markets; filing patents.

This position is a job creation to support the strong growth of PASQAL’s Engineering and Production team.

Location: Massy – Palaiseau (Southern Paris area – France)
Start date: position available no
Type of contract: permanent contract

Qualification & experience

You own a MSc level or an Engineering degree with a major in Computer Science, followed by more than 5 years of experience working on control software development and integration.

Your professional background allowed you to acquire experience over the whole software development cycle.


The successful candidate will demonstrate a keen interest in new technologies and scientific challenges.

She/He has a strong ability to work autonomously and can take responsibility on his/her projects while cooperating with the rest of the team.

Technical skills required for this position are:

  • Strong experience in source control (Git) and CI tools (GitLab).
  • Experience in Python development.
  • Knowledge of Linux.

Knowledge in database management (PostgreSQL) and front-end development (React) will also be appreciated.

English professional proficiency is mandatory to work in PASQAL’s international environment.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

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