Pasqal & the Quantum ecosystem

Picture Reymond

BPIFrance InnoGeneration conference is the yearly major event where French entrepreneurs, corporates, tech enthusiasts, policy makers and other stakeholders in the Innovation ecosystem, gather.

A sure sign that Quantum technologies become mainstream: two panels were organized this year, respectively on Quantum sensing & communications, and post-quantum cybersecurity. Pasqal’s CEO Georges-Olivier Reymond shared with an attentive crowd his views about the Quantum sector in France, Pasqal and how he came to be an entrepreneur.

A post by Olivier Ezratty (in French) who moderated the first panel, focusing on French Quantum startups:

And the panel in video (in French too …)

Quantum Computing & Business

BPI France, Quantonation, IBM and ATOS have organized on June 25th, in Paris, their first Quantum Computing Business conference. Leading startups such as Zapata Computing, Quantum Benchmark and IonQ, shared the stage with earlier stage companies out of France. A good occasion for PASQAL’s CEO Georges-Olivier Reymond to showcase, in a duo with Muquans CEO Bruno Desruelle, the potential of neutral Rydberg atoms for scalable Quantum Computing.