Quantum Processing Units
out of atomic arrays
Quantum Processing Units
out of atomic arrays

Quantum Processing Units
out of atomic arrays

We build Quantum Processing Units

Our quantum processing units are made of hundreds of atomic qubits in 2D and 3D arrays, and their programming environment to address our customers’ needs in computing and simulation of quantum systems. An heir to the French academic excellence in cold atoms physics, Pasqal is a spin-off from Institut d’Optique.

A scalable, reliable and energy efficient solution to solve the most complex computational problems in science and industry. 

Our Technology

Slide Tackling challenging optimization problems Co-design of algorithms with global utility EDF for optimizing charging of shared electric vehicles' fleets.

“I am impressed by the results that have already been obtained with Pasqal and I look forward to implementing the quantum algorithms that we will develop together on their next hardware.”

– Marc Porcheron, head of Quantum R&D at EDF
Slide Boosting advancements in quantum chemistry Pasqal and Rahko will jointly develop algorithms to solve advanced chemistry problems, and fully implement them on Pasqal’s upcoming Rydberg atoms Quantum Processor.

“We are really pleased to be working with the world-class research team at Pasqal (...). Rydberg atom quantum hardware holds great promise for scalability and low error rates, and we are thrilled to be working with Pasqal on algorithms that will enable us to jointly explore the full potential of a Rydberg atom device.”

– Leonard Wossnig, Chief Executive Officer of Rahko
Slide A powerful platform for quantum simulation Pasqal's devices enable the creation and engineering of synthetic quantum systems, which in turn provides valuable insight into complex many-body problems.

Through the manipulation of the atoms' positions and of their interactions, Pasqal's quantum processing units are particularly suited for the simulation and study of spin systems, as the different types of interactions between Rydberg atoms allow a natural mapping onto various quantum spin models.

Moreover, this unprecedented level of control over quantum many-body systems empowers the discovery of new properties and phenomena.
Slide Accelerating High-Performance Computing Through a collaboration with Atos, the global leader in digital transformation, Pasqal is striving to incorporate its quantum processors into high-performance computing environments, thereby setting the stage for an era of hybrid quantum-HPC systems with potential for short-term, real-world applications.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Pasqal and continue to enrich our quantum ecosystem with one of the most innovative European companies in this field.”

– Cyril Allouche, Fellow & VP, Director of the Quantum R&D at Atos
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